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Bench Sponsorship Available!

Teton Lakes Golf Course is in the process of replacing their benches throughout the course. We have up to 28 benches available for sponsorship. A sponsorship of a bench will give the sponsor the opportunity to have an advertisement of their choosing to be displayed on the backrest of the sponsored bench. A sponsorship guarantees the sponsor to have their advertisement displayed on the bench for a minimum of 5 years with the option to renew that sponsorship at the end of the 5-year time frame. Benches and advertisements will be rotated periodically by the golf course’s staff to give sponsors optimal reach with their advertisements.

5-Year Sponsorship – $1,000 (All printing costs will be covered at no additional cost to sponsors)

Contact Matt Nielson or Noah Phethean @ Rexburg City Hall for details – 208.359.3020


The above image is an example of what the sponsorship will look like. Sponsors will be given 2/3 of signage for their ad allowing 1/3 of the sign to be used to inform patrons of simple facts about Teton Lakes Golf Course.